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If you have a friend or partner who is mad about coffee, you have probably exhausted all the obvious gift angles. Fancy imported coffee, plungers and coffee presses in a range of different guises and varieties, and of course, mugs. In fact, your coffee snob probably has a whole cupboard full of unused and unwanted coffee paraphernalia. So, if you want to stick with the coffee themed gifting trend, but you want to be a little bit more original, here are a few suggestions which might be of interest - even if it does mean clubbing together with others to fit things into the budget!

Make a business of it

If your person is sufficiently wild about coffee, they might want to make a business of it. You could help them out in this regard by buying the shares in a coffee shop or by finding out about a coffee vending machine price. This could be a relatively cost-effective solution that earns a tidy income - certainly not enough to retire on but probably sufficient to keep a coffee addict well supplied with their beverage of choice. It is also not a solution that says, ‘give up your day job buddy’, rather, it is a tidy way to earn some extra cash on the side – and who doesn’t need that it this day and age?

See the world

Look to send them, or better yet, take them, on a working holiday to a place where picking beans and roasting them is the order of the day. There are a great many destinations that could work. Think Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia or Colombia for a start. But the list is long and the opportunity for adventure many. A hands on a coffee adventure that affords the opportunity to see how it all happens behind the scenes, would surely delight any coffee aficionado. Plus, most of the destinations where coffee is produced are tropical and exotic, a little off the beaten track, and quite possibly the type of place you need a convenient excuse to visit. Aside from the nations listed above, some of the other countries in the top ten list of coffee producing places are Vietnam, which is the second biggest coffee producer in the world, Honduras, India, and Indonesia.

Roast your own

Most coffee lovers will have been gifted beans at some point. Probably quite often in fact. But almost always these are ready roasted beans or even already ground and ready for drinking. So, look to see if you can find unroasted beans and present these as a gift. It is a nice challenge for the recipient to try the do it yourself approach. And while there are no guarantees that it will work out well, it is still a lot of fun. It is the equivalent of giving a beer lover the tools to brew his own beer. It is more about the experience of walking through the process than it is about having an incredible coffee experience.

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